Drainfield Services

A septic system’s drainfield (or also known as a leach field or leach drain) plays an integral role in the irrigation and saturation control of a given property that it is responsible for supporting. In most instances regarding local properties and their inherent sewage/irrigation systems, a drainfield serves the crucial purpose of wastewater collection & disposal. Having made that mention, our company. Howard Septic Tank Services, Inc, has over fifty years of specialized septic system experience with drainfields and supportive drainage solutions. Be it mapping a designing a drainfield to allow for steady & efficient wastewater distribution or addressing drainage issues surrounding an existing drainfield, our in-house drainfield experts have the necessary experience and relevant ingenuity to effectively address any issues regarding a septic system’s drainfield.

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Drainfield Services Include:

Drainfield Installations, Drainfield Designs, Drainfield Maintenance, Drainfield Replacements, Drainfield Repairs, and Drainfield Upgrades.

Drainfield Installations

The drain field is an essential part of your septic system, serving to naturally filter wastewater before it reenters the ground. At Howard Septic Tank Service Inc, we provide expert drain field installation services. Our skilled team carefully considers factors such as soil type, water table levels, and the size of your septic system to ensure a properly functioning drain field.

Drainfield Designs

A well-designed drain field is critical for effective wastewater treatment. At Howard Septic Tank Service Inc, we offer custom drain field design services tailored to your property's unique characteristics and your septic system's needs. We carefully analyze factors such as land topography, soil type, and local environmental regulations to create a drain field design that offers optimal performance and longevity.

Drainfield Maintenance

Routine maintenance is crucial for a healthy drain field. Our maintenance services at Howard Septic Tank Service Inc include regular inspections, ensuring the correct functioning of the drain field, and early identification of potential issues. We also provide recommendations for care, such as water conservation and proper waste disposal.


Drainfield Replacements

In cases where the drain field is failing or has reached the end of its lifespan, a replacement is necessary. Our team of experienced technicians provides comprehensive drain field replacement services. We safely remove the old drain field and install a new one, ensuring all components are set up correctly for reliable and efficient wastewater treatment.

Drainfield Repair

Whether due to soil compaction, tree root intrusion, or improper maintenance, drain field problems can disrupt your septic system's functionality. At Howard Septic Tank Service Inc, we provide swift and effective drain field repair services. We diagnose the issue accurately and implement targeted solutions to restore your drain field to its best functioning state, minimizing the impact on your property.

Drainfield Upgrades

If you're looking to enhance your septic system's effectiveness, consider a drain field upgrade from Howard Septic Tank Service Inc. We can assess your existing drain field and recommend appropriate upgrades, such as incorporating advanced drainage techniques or installing high-capacity drain lines, to improve its efficiency and extend its lifespan.

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Shannon Adams

We had that awful gurgling in bubbling sound coming from toilets anytime you flushed. Call them on Saturday. They were out first thing Monday morning. Did a great job.

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Eric Herskowitz

Howard Septic installed a complete septic tank system and drain field at my RV property. They excavated my utility trench, removed tree stumps, delivered and spread lime rock for the driveway.

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Cliff Mitchell

Needed to fix a stuck float. We know nothing about septic tanks and they could have easily taken advantage of us but they did the job quick and charged very reasonable and fair price.

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